Thanksgiving {Part 2}

This was our fist attempt to take a family picture using the timer on my camera. you should have seen how rediculous we were. I was trying so hard not to laugh till I cried at the site of us running to the couch to get into position. LOL

We had family and friends over to help us celebrate – we had so much fun and are so grateful for such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ryan sets a mean table as well!

~love Rochelle

BMX Park

After the boys had their sleepover we met friends at the BMX park to get out any left over energy. This coming week we start Lacrosse and baseball. I go back to school Tuesday (tomorrow)…

Our weeks are pretty full these days!



Super Franks

Yesterday we met some friends at Super Franks…The boys love their pizza (Jake has been before with his friend Jack). It was Jeremy’s first time at the place. They especially loved the zip line! They got to battle it out at the Mario Kart game. They also had a great time racing around the play area on the little carts.

I got to have some Starbucks (which I am trying to have only as a treat these days) and chat with Michele. Hopefully I have found a new gym partner!

We spent a couple of hours there then it was time to say good-bye. Came home and watched Wall Street II with my DH – I LOVED the first movie and thought the second one was good too but could see it getting bad reviews if you hadn’t seen the first one.

Then bed time ahhhhh sweet sleep!